How about looking at some of the great

feedback I have received from happy

dog owners previously….

“Great service, friendly and problem solved (dog dominating me, not taking any notice)……thanks very much, I will keep using the advice given – highly recommended” Mary, Hyde

“I would definately recommend Jason’s service if you are looking for someone to give hands on & practical advice. We have learnt alot from our session & we could see a real difference in Trym’s (our dog) behaviour. It was great to hold the lead relaxed in one hand with Trym at my side instead of being pulled along. Jason is also friendly & reliable.” Gemma, Manchester

“After one session with Jason I was very pleased with the results obtained, and would heartily recommend him to anyone. The advice I was given was great, and I will gladly carry on with the instructions.” Sheila, Stockport

“Jason was very professional and very friendly. I would recommend him to other dog owners” Jackie, Ashton

“Jason was very helpful in all aspects of help with my dog. I would recommend him to other people who need help” Mr Barton, Bolton

“In only 2 sessions, our pet Rottweiler Zara’s behaviour problems have almost gone. Thanks for all your help, we will keep practicing all your tips daily.” Paul, Moston

“Surprisingly astounded at the quick results from a misbehaving dog.” Mr Drysdale, Oldham

“Jason came at a time convenient to us. He was able to advise us on a variety of problems and assure us that with our consistency we would soon have an obedient well trained dog.” Katie, Rochdale

“Jason was very helpful and I would recommend him to others. My 3 dogs have changed so much in Jason’s visit, Thank you very much.” Stacey, Longsight

“Jason was fantastic with both my dogs. His advice was clear and made sense. Really helped with recall and ensuring my dog responded to simple commands and we saw an improvement almost instantly. Great!” Jennifer, Irlam

“From the first telephone conversation, Jason was friendly and helpful. He reassured us and gave us some very useful techniques that from using for only a short time, began to show results.” Sarah, Accrington

“Jason was both interesting and informative with techniques which are geared to creating a harmonious relationship between dog and owner.” Sarah, Reddish

“Jason was very polite, easy to understand and worth the money” Paul, Little Hulton

“Absolutely brilliant to see. Charlie responded so well. We had one issue but have resolved several others we did’nt think we had. Looking forward to stress free walks, and a new freedom to enjoy Charlie. Thankyou.” Jeanette, Rochdale
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“Jason has a good nature plus knows how to work with the animal. The techniques are simple and easy to follow. I look forward to putting these into practice.” Rachel, Oldham

“Jason gave easy instructions to use when training Blue. He showed how with a bit of patience and making it fun for the dog, we will soon see a change in him.”Margaret, Hulme

“Hi Jason, Just a bit of history for your readers. We got Bill our collie from a rescue farm and he was tied up on a metal chain for over two years. He never had his own water bowl. We have never seen a dog so scared ever. He has not seen a car, bus stop bench,a bin or anything in his life. He’s such a beautiful dog, any noise he hears he will scratch and scratch and become insane, you have to see it to believe how bad he is. We did the cesar millan nip and it was not right for him, so we emailed Jason and he came to our house and he gave us loads of help and advice and its working a treat just after two visits. Jason is there for your dog 100% and does not waste any time. Please trust him as he will help. All the best for now”
Mr & Mrs Bennett, Rochdale

Jason was recomended by our neighbour. She said he was very good and she was right.” Mary, Horwich

“Very good clear trainer” Alan, Summerseat

“We have been given very specific and useful advice, with actual demonstrations so that we have a plan to take forward with our dog.” Brian, Accrington

“It was really great having Jason come into my home and work with me and my dog. Jason has lots of knowledge within this area and I feel he has passed this on to myself which will help me correct the problems I am having with my dog. A great service, Thank you.” Anna, Droylsden

“Fab service, something I will carry on and use in the future, definately recommend.” Sarah, Bradford

“Really pleased to see the transformation of the relationship between Jason and my dog Trixie. Very pleased with the training and the work with my dog and me. I have learnt alot. Thanks alot” Karen, Rochdale

“I have found Jason’s clear concise instructions very useful in dealing with my dogs problems” Neal, Ashton

“I was happy with the service. I have seen a difference on the first day and would recomend” Jenny, New Moston

“Thanks for your help Jason. We feel a lot more confident taking Ben out now. Although we have had 3 other dogs, I think we have picked up bad habits which you corrected and we look forward to many happy hours walking in our retirement with Ben.” Dave & Jackie, Royton

“I got Jason’s name off the internet and contacted him on the Tuesday. He came on the Thursday fitting me in around my work hours which was brilliant. He was on time, polite and a pleasure to speak too. After the two hours, our dogs behaviour was so much improved and we had also learnt so much. So pleased with Jason – BRILL!” Peter, Withington

“My dog responded to Jason very well. I have been able to gain more confidence with dealing with my own dog. All the things I have been shown have really worked, and I have seen a big improvement in my dog’s behaviour. Thank you Jason.” Dianne, Rochdale
Cute pup

“Jason was friendly and polite. I found the visit very interesting and I will use the knowledge that I have gained today.” Marie, Heywood

“Gave simple and clear instructions and gave good explanations as to why our dogs chased etc.. Made it easy for us to carry on once he had left and saw significant improvement after our first session.” Emma, Firgrove

“Jason really helped us with our dogs problem. I would recommend him to other dog owners as he is a brilliant trainer who also lets you have your own input and opinion.” Isabel, Stalybridge

“Jason, you have shown both of us on how Alfie is communicating with ourselves and vice a versa. This is advantagous to Alfie both for his health and also having a calm and happy dog. Thank you for everything. Mr & Mrs Jones, Ashton

“Very forthcoming and interesting” Mrs Howarth, Bradford

“Absolutely first class. Can’t wait to get started, thanks Jason your a start.”
Lisa, Heywood

“Brilliant advice. My dogs understood him perfectly. Would definately recommend. Easy steps to follow. Sound advice and well worth the fee.” Tracey Dukinfield

“The way Jason taught me to correct my dogs bad habits were excellent, Thank you.” Dorothy, Shaw

“I think the solutions to my dogs behaviour were easy to understand and simple for me to be able to carry on myself. Also i think everything was explained fully and has made me learn alot about the way my dog thinks.” Abby, Healey

“Simple to understand advice. Picked up some good tips.” Mr Nelson, Kearsley

“Jason was excellent at training me and my dog Harley. We are very happy that we will now be able to enjoy our walks together. I highly recommend Jason.”Leanne, Middleton

“Jason was great.  I was amazed at how he managed to handle my dogs after only an hour of meeting them.  Especially since my German Shepherd cross does not like men.  I would recommend Jason to everyone who has problems with there dogs behaviour.  His instructions are very clear and once followed I seen an improvement.  I am continuing to follow them and I am expecting to see a greater improvement in time.  Thanks again Jason for all your help.” Joanne, Heywood

“Jason was a nice friendly person, who sorted my new dog Minnie out within the two hour session. I would highly recommend Jason.” Vicky, Oldham

“Jason helps you understand your dog and why he is doing what he does. He takes time to explain everthing and makes sure that you are comfortable doing the advice given. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you very much.” Fran, Ashton

“Jason, we found to be a very open minded and understanding person. He is easy to speak / communicate with, and as he also is a pet lover understands the easy mistakes made. He is honest and thorough and is very hands on so to see his advice in actions really gives you that added boost that you can really make a difference. Thank you for everything.” Katie, Royton

“Hi Jason, just wanted to say thanks for last week, shame about the weather! Took George out the next night and actually came across a white dog, used your tip to gain his attention, and he walked passed the white dog without any snarling! Our walks have been so much better, and I am making an effort to take him out every night at least. Everything just seems so much easier and I have been singing your praises to anyone that will listen!
Thank you”
Jayne and George!, Rochdale

“I was extremely impressed by Jason’s service, he has a calm and confident manner and had my aggressive terrier behaving in a more acceptable way within minutes of arriving at our house. He gave me clear and easy to understand guidelines on how to correct my dog’s problem behaviour, which is improving more and more each day. Jason has helped restore harmony to my household after months of stress caused by the aggressive behaviour of one of my dogs to the other. I can’t recommend him highly enough, he has saved my sanity and probably saved me having to have one of my dogs rehomed. Excellent work Jason!!”  Michelle, Bury

“Jason was brilliant with my dog Kaya. Walking Kaya is now a pleasure and not a pain and my grandchildren can walk in a room without being jumped on. Thank you Jason.” Pat, Middleton

“Jason has been a life saver. We have been really happy and Marley is at the start of a journey and we are very happy and confident to lead him on that journey. Thanks very much.” Suzanne, Stretford

“Within minutes our 2 dogs were behaving and seemed happy to want to learn. The issue we had was us and not the dogs and now we have a clear understanding of how we should train and treat our dogs. We both found the session useful and very interesting.” Wendy & Joel Thornton, Bury

“We thought the session with Jason was fantastic, very informative and think this will change our and our dogs life. Excellent!” Ben & Holly, Rochdale

De Bordeaux

“An excellent service, Very enjoyable session. Dogs behaviour improved greatly in one session. Brilliant!” Alton, Crumpsall

“Both myself and louise were really impressed with all aspects, hence the scoring! (feedback form). I have already recommended you to a work colleague” Roger, Tyldesley

“Was at the end of my tether but the session has shown me that by following the things that Jason has shown me I can have great walks with my dog Snoopy, and be in control of situations which would have made me nervous before. Best thing I could have done for my dog.” Tina, Blackpool

From the moment Jason arrived Finn’s behaviour improved and he was calm and settled. Watching Finn and Jason communicate was brilliant and easy to learn from.” Becky, Hebden Bridge

“Jason was very clear and helpful, only an email away. He also sent helpful videos and instructions to back up his instructions.” Kerry, Middleton

“Very informative with a friendly manner and out going manner.My family will be able to continue the good work and enjoy Monty more. Thank You.” The Tomlisson Family, Ashton

“I found the advice Jason gave me very useful” Katie, Rochdale

pitbull terrier

“Jason was excellent with us and Tilly. Tilly is a changed dog. Her behaviour has dramatically changed and she is actually doing as she is told. Thank You.” Ronnie, Burnedge

“I found the session very useful and beneficial. I’ve learn’t lots of new things of how to take the training of my dog further. I’ve noticed a big difference from the first session.” Stephen, Chorlton

“Jason corrected Basil’s behaviour in a happy and interesting way for ourselves and our dog, with very quick results”. Daniel & Emma, Bamford

“Jason has done a brilliant job with Dino and Alfie. The training has been straight forward and informative whilst doing the correction that Dino needed. Jason many thanks for your time and effort.” Bob & Sharon, Kearsley

“I liked Jason’s calm approach and the way he was around my dogs. He taught is simple techniques that we will apply in the dogs everyday lives.” Carla, Royton

“The training was given in clear and simple steps, the results of which were seen almost straight away. My dog is now the dog I always thought he would be. Excellent service, highly recommended.” Paul, Stalybridge

Jason was extremely professional and reassuring during the visit. His advice was very easy to understand and to put into practice. The follow up e-mails have been so valuable especially by using them as an aide memoire to Jasons session. We would not hesitate in recommending Jason to our friends and relatives or using his service again.” Gail, Chadderton

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“Jason is essentially professional and I felt very comfortable with him. He is totally focused on the dog as an individual and recognised the problems and issues that the dog has almost immediately. Jason concentrates and talks about the dog for the duration of the visit and I could tell he was as pleased as I was as the benefits of his sessions materialised during the sessions. Jason is very polite and patient. These are qualities that my dog and I both appreciated!” Donna & Keith, Summit

“Within 30 minutes our Westie was already much calmer and has stopped barking and jumping up. Fantastic.” Janet, Saddleworth

I have found the session very interesting and I will look forward to using the training techniques he has taught me. Very good trainer and I will definately recommend to a friend.Carla, Milnrow

Jason really helped us with our dog, he gave me some advice and help which proved invaluable and I have already recommended him to friends. Thanks very much!” Melanie, Bacup

“I found Jason a very calming influence and provided constructive help with my rescue dog Roxy” Mrs Newton, Bolton

“Highly recommended, good advice and easy to follow” Tracey, Blackley

“Very clear advice, very friendly and professional. I am sure the problem will be sorted quickly” Chris, Middleton

understand your dog

“Jason was very helpful, calm and friendly. He was easy to understand and Rosie (my dog) loved him. With his simple techniques we will have a lovely dog. Fantastic!” Laura, Chadderton

“Bentley has improved tremendously in the last two weeks, with Jason showing us the training techniques while spending time listening to what our area’s of concern were. Bentley is a lot calmer now and so are we!!! If you put the time and are consistant, it works.” Kate, Accrington

“Louie was having trouble leaving behind certain puppy behaviours, i.e. nipping and scratching. Jason’s techniques were very simple and extremely effective. Thanks to Jason, Louie is overcoming his walk anxieties too! Thank you for helping us.” Alison and Louie, Stalybridge

“All problems covered and dealt with. Excellent service. Would definately recommend to others, Thank you!” Claire, Blackburn

“I have found Jason’s service very helpful and interesting and has solved a lot of problems. We are really very happy with Jason’s service.” Amanda, Heaton Mersey

“Jason was very professional and I felt that I had learnt a lot in the time he was training. I also feel that my dog has happier after the training.” Trish, Croston

“I thought Jason’s help and advice was brillaint. All the tips were very useful which we will carry on using.” Jodie and Lee, Chadderton


“I’ve been very happy and I have seen a massive improvement after only 2 visits, Thank You.” Mel, Woodley

“Very friendly, Very straight forward and easy to understand. Excellent all round.” Fred and Jean, Heyrod Village

“Always explained everything what he was doing and why, in ways that were easy to understand. We now understand a lot more about why both dogs behave like they do or why they behaved a certain way previously, and now all the family has the ability to correct them. Jason was brilliant with everything he did and we can now enjoy walking the dogs instead of it being a chore! Thank you for everything.” Bev, Littleborough

“Jason has a very calm manner and explains dog behaviour in a clear and easy to understand manner. He has been a good friend and Alf loves him. I have already recommended him to my friends.” Ruth, Smithills, Bolton

“We are really pleased with the things Jason has said and shown us. We have enjoyed seeing our dog gradually improve over the weeks.” Danielle, Bolton

“Brilliant thank you. Will try my best with Wellington and Tiggy. Kind regards Elizabeth” St. Helens

“We are delighted with the two sessions Jason held with us. He showed us a number of simple but effective techniques and the progress in such a short space of time has been rely noticeable. Jason also sent very full and helpful emails after the sessions.” Simon, Bramhall

rhodesian ridgeback

“Extremely helpful in dealing with my dogs behaviours and giving me the knowledge and understanding to carry it on! You have made me and my dog’s very happy! Thank you.” Michelle, Livesey in Blackburn

“We used Jason to help us train our 2 dogs. Kimi was scared of children and Mylo pulled on the lead and barked when people came to the door. Jason showed us techniques to help calm them down and train them. After 2 sessions we have seen a massive improvement. I’d recommend Jason for any training to help your dogs.” Eilidh and Martin, Salford

Hi Jason, just thought I’d let you know how Alf is getting on….. On the lead he is so chilled now he walks past most dogs without even looking at them!!! Only needs a command if they are having a go at him. Off the lead he is making a point of gently approaching every dog he sees (within reason) and making friends. Sometimes he goes and has a good play. Then comes back to sit for a treat. So proud of him and all down to your guidance. Thanks again Ruth”

“Jason was absolutely great with our dog (a rescue border collie – Bobby), Bobby responded very well to Jason, we have been following Jason’s advice and techniques and we can see a positive difference in our dog. His instructions were always very clear and straight to the point. Bobby was a very nervous and insecure dog and Jason was always very calm and assertive near Bobby which helped him a lot. All the training used was positive which was also very good for Bobby as it increased his confidence. Jason explained more about Bobby in one session than all the books on border collies that we have. We were very pleased with Jason’s work with Bobby.” Luisa, Romiley

“Found the service very informative. I now know how to deal with his problems on a one to one basis.” Mrs Whittle, Hollingworth

“Suzie and I very much enjoyed the behaviour training that Jason provided. We both learned a lot and I especially will carry on with the training in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone needing behavioural training for their dog.” Sue, Bury

“Hi Jason, It was great to meet you too. We found the session very helpful and has given us guidance on how to deal with Jakes stress. We have noticed a massive change in him already just by using some of the techniques we discussed. He seems so much more relaxed and calm, which has an impact on all of us. Thanks for all this info, will certainly stick to what you’ve taught us.” Gemma, Littleborough


“I would like to thank you for the advice and support you’ve given me for Max my 17 month old Manchester Terrier. Max has always been a nervous dog and I wanted to help him cope with the stressful situations he suffered from on his daily walks, so both he and I could enjoy our time together instead being stressed.  After 3 visits, lots of patience, praise and of course “treats”, Max is now much calmer and confident when we meet other dogs, which proves your training is working, both on me and Max. From the first minute of our first session you explained every move, the reason for it and why Max was behaving that way, this helped me understand Max much better. I found our sessions very informative and interesting, so I’m delighted with the results. Given the opportunity I would definitely recommend you to anyone having dog behaviour problems. Once again thank you for your expertise, patience and understanding.” Lynda, Cheadle

“Jason i would like to say a big thanks to you, for your help with Peppe, as without your great knowledge i would not have been where i am today with Peppe” Jean, Rochdale

“Jason was very patient both with the dogs and ourselves. Explained everything in a clear and precise manner.” Erica, Winsford

“Excellent, more than pleased with today. Thank you so much.” Jean, Rochdale

“Jason has been excellent with me and my dogs. The Dogs had several issues and Jason has been very patient and the training sessions have been very enjoyable. My dog is a completely different dog now to when we started out. Many thanks.” Rose, Belmont

“I am very pleased with the way Stella (my dog) is changing her behaviour. I can walk with her and enjoy the walks instead of being scared all the time. Thank you.” Esperanza, Hulme

“I found you to be very patient, brilliant with Millie, she took to you straight away and she doesn’t normally do that and especially patient with me and my stress levels. Due to you and of course help from the wonderful Bruno I saw that Millie wasn’t aggressive and how to handle her in a gentle and constructive way and give her that confidence that you gave me. Sessions were both informative and instructions really clear. By far the best behaviourist we have had the pleasure to meet and I would certainly recommend your services”. Christine, Altrincham

“I want to thank you for your superb training with Max a 19 month old bullmastiff. You have really turned my life around. When I first contacted you, I was in despair with Max and his behaviour, barking and lunging at dogs and people. I am truly amazed at the outcome. Thank you for the excellent training days out and guidance. Now I enjoy taking Max out, and people have commented how improved his behaviour is. I feel proud of what we have achieved with your brilliant training and guidance. Worth every penny! Thank you so much!”  A. Morton, Cheetham Hill

“I found Jason to be friendly, approachable and extremely patient in dealing with both owner and dog. Our dog has quite complex problems, is a rescue dog and needed the vast patience that Jason showed. Jason gave myself and other household members the confidence to continue with “Rosie’s” progress. It will be an ongoing process which we now know we can deal with, as we can call upon Jason’s help at anytime to give us added assistance.” Linda, Salford

“Excellent service, has resolved my problems and taught me how to get the best out of my dogs and to understand them better. I would highly recommend Jason.” Marie, Reddish

Jason’s advice was very clear and precise. He didn’t quite work a miracle but came very close and we now have a calm, well mannered and pleasant dog.” Anne, Golborne

“Enjoyed Jason’s visit and he taught us a few things that we are still working on our dog with the ideas Jason passed on.” Paul, Middleton

“Jason is both patient and professional both with the dog and its owner. It is enabling me to understand and put into practice all the advice given.” Anne, Syke

“Jason is very good at his job and very interesting to watch. Very impressed and would recommend him to anybody with dog problems.” Kathryn, Sholver

“At the time I contacted Jason I was almost ready to give up and rehome Dex. His advice and guidance not only helped me deal with the problem and my confidence but made my walks enjoyable! Thank you!” Rosie, Milnrow